Introduction: 360 Camera Hat Mount

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If you have a 360 camera, you probably want to take photos, videos or even a Facebook Live while you are in any outdoor activity like walking, running, hiking, biking or in a concert.

This is a simple Hat Mount for any 360 camera to make it and start having live videos.

This tutorial is for a Insta360 ONE camera which have a lightning connector attached to it and is the only way to see what the camera sees and start facebook live.

Step 1: Materials

  • Hat
  • a 360 camera (For this tutorial we will use an Insta360 ONE camera)
  • 2m Lightning Extension Cable
  • 2m micro USB charging cable
  • Shoe mount with 1/4"-20 tripod screw adapter
  • Short Self Gripping Hook & Loop Cable Ties (Optional)
  • Knife
  • A gift card with no funds
  • A Sharpie

Step 2: Making Holes in the Hat

With the sharpie, make 2 marks at the top of the hat. In the middle from left to right. One in front and one in the back.

The one in the front need to be at the highest point of it when it is on you.

The one at the back put it at the same distance from the center of the hat to the back.

Make the holes with the knife in the same line of the sewings. Perpendicular to the marks shown in the images.

NOTE: The hole at the back is just necessary if you want to charge the camera while using it or use the iPhone to control the camera (in case is the same as mine, Insta360 ONE)

Step 3: Make a Hole in the Gift Card

The purpose of the gift card is to have more stability when you have the hat on.

With the knife or with a drill, make a hole in the center of the gift card of 0.25 in, which is the size of the camera mount

Tip: I used the sharpie to mark exactly the center of the gift card.

Step 4: Put All Together

Now we will put everything in the hat.

The order from the bottom to the top is:

The camera mount, the gift card and then put them in the hat. The camera mount have 2 supports, one will be after the the hat as the image to have some pressure and be sure the system will not fall down.

The other support will be with the 360 camera. Details in next steps.

Step 5: Put the Cables for IPhone and Charge It (In Case You Want to Charge the Camera While Using)

This step is just if you want to charge the camera while using and control the camera from the iPhone in case is the same I have, the Insta360 ONE.

In the hole at the back of the hat, you need to pass both cables, one by one not to make a bigger hole, just the small one.

For a better organization of the 2 meter cables, in the outside you can use a cable tie to have both cables together.

I put a tie every 20 to 25 cm not to have a mess with my cables in the way to the Power Bank and to the iPhone.

Step 6: Go Outside and Start Recording Your 360 Experience

Go outside, hiking, biking, a reve, a concert or a simple walk and start recording your experience in 360.

ALso you can use the hat to mount the waterproof case and forget about the rain or dust.

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