About: i am a 20 year college student that goes to HCC Engineering .I am aspiring work in robotics but while i still have time i love to do all kinds of projects that come my way.

This project has been ongoing for the last month ... and yet here it is still not quite done...

This material will continue to be updated till I am satisfied with the results. soon there will be a test fire video.. right now i am working on just getting it in.

working on things quickly is a pain... please do not attempt to ever rush a project.. give yourself a large period of time to work and then tack another 20% time to it!

Step 1: Obtain a Modified Full Auto Zeus...

first thing you need is the gun... sorry guys we're not building the entire thing! nor from scratch...

now... there are plenty of mod guides out there that show you how take the zeus to its full auto goodness. One in particular I followed was Lorddraconical's guide... it takes away the restraints from the zeus and gives it an extra boost for high power nerfin"

Youtube link here:Nerf zeus mod link

Don't use this on unmodified nerf guns... its likely not going to work semi-auto

also make sure you have lots of ammo!

Step 2: Step2 : Obtain Parts/materials

Following materials required:

The motor:


Mounting screws M3 (12mm):(you can get these for lowes or home depot cheaper... you only need two)

superb super glue:

Soldering iron/solder

16 gauge wire:


micro switches:

3D parts files:

if you can't get them printed yourself.. there are many places you can have them printed:


some other useful things:


Step 3: Step3: Assemble the Parts

Gather up the 3d printed parts and the super glue... now we assemble the parts!

1. attach small top piece to main housing (pic2) shows

2. attach the motor to the to the plate mount

3. paddles/ small axle to rotor... then mount to base

4. attach divider flush with the bottom side of top plate with the direction of angle(shown)

5. mount plate assembly to housing assembly with motor axle aligned with the key on the rotor

5.5 . add in a spring from a ink pen.. this part is incredibly important.. this is the anti jam device.

make sure to experiment with the location as this can be finicky.

6. mount box side 1 and 2 together.

7. attach to housing on the step flush with intake.

8. solder wire leads to motor and other end to switch (wire long)

9. mount switch to internal location behind trigger ( for activating while pulling trigger ) wire parallel to existing battery leads from mod...or to a 9v like I have here.

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