Introduction: 3D-Printed Fidget Spinner

About: 11th grade

Hello, I am here today to give in to the new hot toy. The Fidget Spinner! I walk the halls of the school and see all of the people holding a cool looking device. "I want one" I said. Me and my friends decided to make one. I tried looking on instructables and I saw no one has made any regular ones, and hopefully I can help people who would like to make them. Enjoy!

Step 1: Supplies


  1. The Autodesk Inventor program on a computer
  2. A 3D Printer
  3. Standard Ball Bearings (22 mm) (you can find them on Amazon for cheap price)

This is it! Pretty simple! For pretty much all of it you are going to just need the Autodesk Inventor program to design everything.

Step 2: Making the Outline of the Drawing

First off, we used the measurements in millimeters, so that is the measurement that is needed. All you need to do to change that is press on the big I. then press new drawing. Then go to metric, and select Standard (mm).ipt. That is on the first row and is the last option available. So on the the actual drawing. make an circle of 22 mm. Then make another circle on the same place of 29 mm. Then 26.5 mm above the point of the 22 mm circle, make another 22 mm circle. Then do the 29 mm circle again. Then make an are from 12.648 from the center point of the top 22 mm circle. You do the exact same on the other side. (If that part was confusing, just look at the video below, very helpful).


  1. Change the units to millimeters
  2. Make a 22 mm circle
  3. Make a 29 mm circle on top of it
  4. 26.5 mm above the two circles, redo steps 2 and 3
  5. Make and arch from 12.648 mm of the center of the top two circles (the archs should be 29 mm)

This the end of Step 3

Step 3: Make It Three Sided

This step you can edit it for how many sides you want, a general one is 3 sided, which is the one we did. Now this in where you are going to make it three sided. Go to pattern, then press the circular pattern. Highlight you WHOLE sketch. Make sure you highlight everything, or else it will not work. It should be blue when it is highlighted. Then press the orange curser, in the middle of the option. When that is selected it should be of an aqua color. Then press the middle point of the bottom 22 mm and 29 mm circles. then select 3 for then number of how many sides you want. Then you should be good, so far.


  1. Go to Pattern, and select the circular pattern
  2. Highlight the WHOLE sketch
  3. Press on the orange curser
  4. Press the center of the first 22 mm and 29 mm circles
  5. Type in 3, for the how many sides you want
  6. Press OK to finish

This is the end of step 4

Step 4: Extrude

For this step, you need to extrude it. This gives it depth, for you to hold. Go to extrude, In the first image above, press on all the spaces possible, except for the inside spaces. Before you click OK it should look like that. Make the measurement 7 mm. We believed that 7 mm fit it perfect.


  1. Go to extrude
  2. Click on all the spaces
  3. Make it 7 mm
  4. Press OK to finish

This is the end of step 5

Step 5: Fillet

This step you need to fillet these edges to give it that nice, sleek finish. You first need to go to fillet. Press on all of the possible edges. The video below shows how to do it. It only shows the one side, in which you need to do that for all sides (total of 12 edges, 4 per side). Fillet all of the edges, with the measurement of 11. The picture above shows of what it should look like when you are done with this step.


  1. Go to fillet
  2. Press on all the possible edges
  3. Use the measurement of 11
  4. Press OK to confirm

This is the end of step 6

Step 6: Fillet One More Time

This is the last step for the 3D process of the fidget. Go to fillet, and fillet the top and bottom of the fidget. A video below explains exactly how to do it. Make the measurement 3 this makes a nice smooth and sleek finish. A picture above should be of it when it is done.


  1. Go to fillet
  2. fillet the top and bottom
  3. Make the measurement 3
  4. Click OK to confirm

This is the end of step 7

Step 7: Finished 3D Fidget

This is where you are done with the 3D fidget, and you are ready to print this piece. Hopefully this has been very helpful so far!

Step 8: Middle Peice

Now you need to make the middle piece, so you can hold and use the the actual fidget spinner. I am going to tell you how to do it all in one step, because it is really easy. First make a circle of 24 mm. Then you want to go to extrude and press on the whole circle. Extrude it by 1.9304. Then make a sketch on the fully extruded circle. Make a circle from the middle. Make the circle 8.05 mm. Then go to extrude the smaller circle (8.05 mm). Go to extrude, then press on the smaller circle. Extrude it by 3.429, and press OK. Then you are done! that is it for the middle piece. A picture above should show you exactly of how it should look. You are ready to print it now!


  1. Make a circle 24 mm
  2. Extrude the circle by 1.9304
  3. Make a circle on the middle of the fully extruded circle. Make the circle 8.05 mm
  4. Extrude the smaller circle by 3.429

You are done with the Middle Piece!

Step 9: Finished 3D Middle Piece

This is where you are done with the 3D middle piece, and you are ready to print. You need to print two of these, so you can have one for each side. Hopefully this has been very helpful so far!

Step 10: 3D Printing Process

You should have the base of the fidget and two of the middle pieces. You also should now get your ball bearings ready for the assembly.

What you should have:

  1. A 3D printed fidget base
  2. Two 3D printed middle pieces
  3. Get your ball bearings

Step 11: Assembly

This video shows you with all the parts you have, how to put it together fully.

Step 12: Finished Fidget Spinner

This is the end of the instructable! I hope I helped you as much as possible. If there are any questions please comment on this, and I will answer whatever you need. Thanks, and hope you enjoyed!