Introduction: DIY 3D Printed Snow Maker

A number of years back I went to Disney World with my family right before Christmas. The park did an amazing job of producing snow in Florida, and I have been enamored with the idea ever since. You can buy a "snow machine" pretty prolifically on the internet these days, but it will cost you about a hundred bucks.

I did buy a snow maker and the idea behind it is very simple. The idea is that you blow air through a fabric cone made of cloth, as it foams up coming through the cloth, extra airflow (outside the cone) will carry the bubbles into the air. Those bubbles will dissipate shorty after landing on the ground and you have a snowstorm.

When it works, it is really cool to see.

My idea is that with a 3d printer, you could print a nozzle that would easily fit over a leaf blower and the soap solution could drain down from a plastic bottle into the nozzle and blow the snow.

Step 1: Find the Right Print

I built a number of nozzles that would fit over a leaf blower nozzle, and connect the water bottle. The hope was that you could refill the soap in the bottle and it would all work.

This is a selection of the nozzles that I built, unfortunately the leaf blower that I was counting on to provide the air source died before I finished.

Step 2: Final Assembly

I hope that this gives you an idea of what the final product would look like. It is about 3 dollars worth of material that you could quickly attach to a leaf blower/shopvac tube and provide snow for the kids.

I will probably continue the effort, but for right now, my hope is that it gives you an idea to create something similar yourself.

I would be happy to share the Tinkercad/Fusion 360 files to tinker with or the STL files to print yourselves. I wish you all the best of luck, and enjoy the snow!