Introduction: DIY 3D Printer Build Video Tutorial

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For those tinkerers and makers that have always wanted to build a 3D printer on their own but did not know where to start this tutorial is for you. This DIY 3D Printer Build can be accomplished with locally sourced components and some online purchases. This is an excellent project to do in an educational setting and gives you a better understanding of how a 3D printer works. The tutorial should be easy enough for most to follow and you can always ask questions in the comments here or on the video page to get extra help or clarification.

This 3D printer as designed has the following specifications:
Machine dimensions: Width: 44.5cm, Height: 50.8cm, Depth: 45.7cm
Print dimensions: X axis: 292mm, Y axis: 250mm, Z axis: 260mm
Z minimum layer height: 0.05mm (50 microns) possible, 0.10mm (100 microns) optimal
Print Speed: 70mm/s (conservative setting, higher speed possible through firmware config)

Tools that you will need:
- Metal cutting tools
- Drill/driver
- Hand tools (precision screw drivers, allen wrench set, adjustable wrench or socket set)
- Filing/sanding tools
- Soldering iron
- Wire cutters/strippers

Other helpful tools that will make this easier:
- Dremel type rotary tool
- Drill press
- Hole saw
- Tube cutter
- Forceps/Tweezers
- Forceps/Tweezers
- Access to a 3D Printer or 3D printing service for printed parts

Bill of Materials (parts list), firmware and wiring diagrams can be downloaded here:
Download BOM, firmware, printed parts files, wiring diagrams
XY Axis Mounts STL file
Extruder Carriage STL file

Step 1: Building Your 3D Printer

Being that this is a video tutorial, you will not need to go further to see all the steps. This tutorial contains 17 videos in a playlist on the following topics or steps in building the Hudson 3D printer.

If the video is not playable (likely due to viewing this instructable directly from the instructable app), you can use this link to view the full playlist on YouTube:

DIY 3D Printer Build Tutorial on YouTube

Videos In This Tutorial Series:
Part 1 - Building A Frame
Part 2 - Building A Frame (continued)
Part 3 - Z Axis Linear Rods
Part 4 - Y Axis Linear Rods
Part 5 - X Axis Printed Parts
Part 6 - X Axis Linear Rods
Part 7 - Extruder Carriage
Part 8 - Y Axis Transmission Rod
Part 9 - Z Axis Threaded Rod
Part 10 - Y Axis Transmission Rod
Part 11 - Timing Pulleys
Part 12 - Timing Belts
Part 13 - Heated Print Bed
Part 14 - Power Supply
Part 15 - RAMPS & Firmware
Part 16 - ABL Sensor Bracket
Part 17 - ABL Sensor & Firmware
Part 18 - Functional Upgrades