DIY 3D Spool Holder

Introduction: DIY 3D Spool Holder

Recently, I've been wanting to get into 3D printing. Now, the 3D printer I've chosen to get had its spool holder on the top of the printer, hence making it taller, which will not fit on my desk area. Looking for ways around this, I could just buy one of those generic spool holders but, where's the fun in that? Also I still don't have the printer yet and couldn't print one out. And so I came up with one of my own from the things I had around the house.



- Plastic tool bin

- 1" PVC pipe

- Pill bottle cap (optional)


- Hand held electric drill

- Pipe cutter

- Glue gun (optional)

Step 1: Construction & Conclusion

To visualize the end product, I placed the pvc pipe over the bin with a spool of filament to test the fitment. I then traced the pipe's circumference and bore a hole on both sides of the bin. Fitting the pipe took a little finessing however, I was able to fit it in and it worked.

I did mention that the pill cap was optional. You can glue it on the end of the pvc pipe to make a stopper of some sort. I chose not to add it anymore, just for faster filament changes. I also had a pipe cutter listed in the tools, just cut the pipe to your liking. For me the extra length was useful as leverage in changing spools quicker.

I hope this would be useful for you guys out there. Enjoy.

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    2 years ago

    Great use for a part bin!