Introduction: DIY 4WD Car Body for Arduino Robotics Projects and RC Cars

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Hi instructables geeks greetings from egypt :) :) ,
in this instructable i will show you how to design and make a 4 wheeled car for robotics , arduino , RC cars ..etc. in a easy way just follow me ;) :D >>>

Step 1: Designing the Body

I used the solidworks program to design the car parts each part alone and then i assembled them as you can see in this images ,

Here is a link you can download the full design and the final assembly , NOTICE that you will need SolidWorks 2015 to preview or edit parts >> 4WD_Car_SolidWorks2015_design

Step 2: TOOLS You Need

  1. your regular tools screw clipper ..etc also you need main components
  2. Drill DREMEL Variable Speed (8000 ~ 33000 RPM) Drill ram-e-shop
  3. saws group for drill Cutting Saw Disk 6 pcs HSS ram-e-shop
  4. A 50*50 mm^2 Veneer wood sheet with thickness of 2 mm or 3 mm as you like you an find it at any carpenter tools shop .
  5. plastic zip ties to tie motors to body (founded in any tools shop )
  6. Copper Spacer 45mm M/F ram-e-shop
  7. 4 gears motor with wheels From Alixpress
  8. A red spray or any other color as you like such as Silver :D :D .

Step 3: Cutting and Prepering the Wood Layers

  1. use your pencil to draw the dimension from step one , you can use rapper to edit .
  2. safety is number one be careful when you assemble the saw with the shaft of the drill .
  3. hold your drill carefully turn it on start to cut .
  4. after finishing the first layer put it on the wood sheet and mark it with pencil .
  5. grind the 2 layers to give the cool look .

Step 4: Coloring the Layers With Red Spray

  1. use an old newspaper protect your floor from spray.
  2. put the wood layers on the newspaper start to spray carefully and don't forget the Parties and sides.
  3. leave it 1 hour th dray .
  4. after the top of the layer drays from the spray flip it and spray again .
  5. leave layers in the triangular shape for 6 hours.

Step 5: Assembling the Body

  1. get internet cable and cut into 8 different color wires .solder the wires to the 4 motor .

  2. check the dimension carefully you can use hot waxs to fix the gears.

  3. assemble the motor gear to the base layer with making hols for zip ties and close them .

  4. cut the tie after closing it .

  5. add the copper spacers to the layers .

Step 6: Final Look :D

Feel free to ask me anything about the project >>

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thanQ for your time ♡♡ :D ,