Introduction: DIY 5 Minute Chain Anklet

This chain anklet can be made in 5 minutes flat.  (I published this on my website too where you can get more information about variations, supplies and such.)

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Supplies

You'll need 
  1. A pair of jeweler's chain nose pliers
  2. A pair of flat nose pliers
  3. A lobster clasp
  4. 2 4mm size jump rings
  5. A charm or dangly bit
  6. A piece of chain the circumference of your ankle + 1/2 inch

Step 2: Attach the Clasp to One End of the Chain

Open a jump ring, and use it to attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain.  (For help on opening and closing jump rings, see this page).

Step 3: Add the Charm or Dangly Bit

Slip the charm onto your chain.

Step 4: Measure Twice, Finish Once....

Double check that you like the length before you finish up.

Step 5: Attach a Jump Ring to the Other End of the Chain.

Open up the other jump ring, hook it onto the unfinished end of the chain, and close it back up again.

Step 6: Wear and Enjoy Your New Chain Anklet