DIY 555 Timer Blinky Toy!



Introduction: DIY 555 Timer Blinky Toy!

As a simple middle school student, I end up getting entertained very easily. If a burp comes out of someone, I'm entertained. Same with many other people, the simplest of things will entertain. I decided to make a 555 blinky inside a little altoids smalls. I turned it on, and I just stared at it for 10 minutes. It is a fun beginners project, so if you are a beginner in the world of electronics, try this out. It is a pretty fun project, but you really need to be careful. Make sure you know where the front of the IC is, which side of the capacitor is + and which is -... So, if you think you want to do this, read on!

Step 1: Grab Some Parts!

What you will need is:

- 555 IC timer

-22uF capacitor

-10K resistor

-33k resistors (2X)



-LED bezel

-Soldering Iron


You can get all of the components at Tayda Electronics website

Also, get some wire strippers and some wire cutters.

Step 2: Solder in Your 555 IC

This is simple, all you have to do is solder in the 555 IC. Put it in the middle of a PCB/Perf board. If you decide to just do tip-to-tip wiring, it will be MUCH HARDER.

Step 3: Solder Your Capacitor

Take your capacitor and solder it to pin 1 and pin 2. Google up a pinout of a 555 timer. Pin 1 is ground, so put your negative side in that. Positive goes to pin 2.

Step 4: Connect Pin 2 to Pin 6.

Take some wire and hook pin 2 to pin 6. Easy, right?

Step 5: Connect Pin 4 to Pin 8

Take some more wire, and solder pin 4 to pin 8.

Step 6: Solder the 10K Resistor

Solder pin 6 to pin 7. Use a 10K resistor or really any resistor.

Step 7: Solder Pin 7 to Pin 8 With a Resistor.

Take any resistor and solder it to pin 8 and pin 7. Make sure you have another of that resistor, you will need an extra later on...

Step 8: Solder Your LED to Pin 3

Take an LED you have lying around, and solder the positive to pin 3... Don't solder your negative yet.

Step 9: Solder Resistor to the Negative Input of LED

Remember the resistor I told you to keep a hold of before? Well, we're using it now. Take that out and solder it to pin 1 and to the - end of the LED.

Step 10: Give Power to This Circuit!

Take your 9V battery clip and solder the black wire to pin 1.

Step 11: Wire Everything Up to the IC

Before anything else, make sure your connections are hooked up to the IC.

Step 12: The Switch

Solder your red wire of the clip that hooks up to your battery to a switch so you can control your current. Solder the wire going from the switch to pin 8.

Step 13: Flip the Switch!

Flip the switch and (Hopefully), the LED will blink!

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