Introduction: DIY A-line Frocks for Twins of 4yrs

This are the two A-line frocks for 4yrs girl twins.This is made by just replacing the pieces of fabrics by its colour.


1m black fabric
1m white fabric
30cm red fabric
Brown paper
Sewing machine
Black and white threads

Step 1: Drafting

Trace the draft given in the image , and cut it as the left piece 'mid' and the right one 'side'.

Step 2: Cutting

Take fabrics , place the draft with the distance of 2cm(1cm for seam of mid &1cm for seam of side) between the two.cut the same and namethe fabric 1's pieces 'mid 1' and 'side 1', 'mid 2' and 'side 2' to the fabric 2.

Step 3: Replacing the Pieces

Replace the 'mid 1' with the 'mid 2' .and sew along.

Step 4: Join

Join the shoulders .Finish the neckline and sleeves with the bias stripes.Join the sides of the frock and hem the ends.

Step 5: Attach the Bow

Make the bow out of red fabric and attach it to the frock.
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