Hello everyone, are you facing problems with organising your travel clutters? This short tutorial serves to teach you how to make a handy A5 notebook with pockets on every page. You can use them to store your travel clutters, daily budgetting, ideas collection or planning of events.

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For this DIY project, you will need:

1) 2 Sheets of A3 paper x the number of pages you need

2) Printer (to print the templates provided)

3) Penknife (recommended)/Scissors

4) Long Ruler (to guide your cutting)

5) Glue

Step 1: Print and Cut Template

Print and cut the templates attached.

You should have 3 pieces of paper now.

The biggest piece is your main sheet, the other two will be your pockets.

Step 2: Fold the Flaps

For all 3 pieces, fold along the dotted lines.

You might want to make sure that they are pressed down properly so that they won't be too puffy later on.

Step 3: The Main

First, for the main piece (the biggest piece), glue the following parts:

Flip the paper to the side with no dotted grids. At the fold right in the middle, glue down approximately 1.5cm away from the fold line as shown. Then apply glue along the flaps that you have folded previously.

Step 4: The Bigger of the Two

Now we will make the pockets.

Starting with the bigger sheet of the two, flip it to the back, and draw a line where the folded flap intersects with the main piece. Refer to the image above as shown.

You should get two sections divided by the line. Apply glue to the smaller section and the folded flaps. Here, you might want to take note that the dotted grids will be facing outwards when glued down later. Then, align it to the top right corner of the main sheet and glue it down.

Step 5: The Lil' One

Now we will make the smallest pocket.

Apply glue along the folded flaps as shown. Then, align it to the bottom right corner of the main sheet and glue it down. Again, note that the dotted grids should be facing outwards.

You should get something as shown in the picture above.

Step 6: There You Go!

There you have your very own page with pockets!

With increasing pages, you can choose to bind it into a book. Simply cut a groove on the top and bottom (as shown in the image), stack the pages together, and bind it with a rubber band with a card cover. There's a lot that you can do with this book with pockets; use it as a planner/organiser for your travel, for everyday budgetting, for events planning or even just to collect your brilliant ideas!

We hope that this is useful and will come in handy to you! Too much work? If you would prefer to have a ready-made version, we have currently launched our product, daypocket, on kickstarter, so do be sure to check us out here: Your support matters to us.