Introduction: DIY: AIR HOCKEY

From the different arcade games to play with friends, we cannot forget the famous and exciting Air Hockey game! In today’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) game, we are going to learn how to make our very own hockey game at the comfort of our homes that we can enjoy with family and friends.

Before we start on how we make the game, let us first learn the science behind it! Let us begin in identifying the type of quantities we have present in our game. Quantities can be classified between scalar and vector quantities. A scalar quantity are measures that only include a magnitude, while a vector quantity both have a magnitude and a direction. For our mini hockey game, we can utilize vector quantities. Why you ask? That is because in playing our game, you cannot simply win by just focusing on the magnitude (how far the puck will go). We are to apply vectors, the mathematical representation of a physical quantity that has both magnitude and direction. Remember, you also must keep in mind the direction of the puck to win!

As we dig deeper into physics of our gameplay, we may associate the motion we see through mechanics, or also referred to as Newtonian mechanics, in which it concerns the effects of force on a certain object. A part of mechanics that describes motion regardless of its causes is called kinematics. We can describe motion through kinematics, using diagrams, numbers, and equations as predictive information on the object’s motion. In our game, we focus on one-dimensional motion. Involved in these concepts include position, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration, and time. These are the factors we will keep an eye on as we see the science behind our DIY hockey game and how to win using physics!


  • Plenty of Cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Cutter or scissors
  • glue or glue gun
  • spray paint or paint
  • White paper
  • Markers
  • metal balls

Step 1: Preparing the Base

  • Prepare the 70 x 40 cardboard as a base and glue 1-inch cardboard to each side.

Step 2: Making the Base

  • After you glue 4 1-inch cardboard to each side place some inside the box forming 2 asterisks.

Step 3: Completing the Base

  • Cover the top with another 70 x 40 cardboard.

Step 4: Making the Sides

  • Stick white paper to the small 70 cm cardboard box and double it for the other side.

Step 5: Finishing the Sides

  • Stick white paper to the small 70 cm cardboard box.

Step 6: Sticking the Side Unto the Base

  • Stick the two small cardboard boxes to the base.

Step 7: Making the Goal

  • Make another two (2) boxes for the goal area of the air hockey table.

Step 8: Finishing the Goal

  • Stick the cardboard box goals to the base.

Step 9: Making the Landing Place

  • Make an area for the hockey puck to land once you make a score

Step 10: Completing the Goal

  • Stick the area to the base.

Step 11: Making the Mark on the Base

  • In another white paper draw semi circles in the goal area and a line and circle in the middle of the paper.
  • Place the white paper in the base and cover the whole base in white paper.

Step 12: Preparing the Puck

  • Get a circle cardboard and cute three holes in it.

Step 13: Making the Puck

  • Make sides for the circle.

Step 14: Finishing the Puck

  • Put 3 marbles in the holes in the circle then cover it.

Step 15: Completing the Puck

  • Roll a thin cardboard into a handle for the paddle.
  • Place the rolled cardboard on top of the paddle.

Step 16: Enjoy the Game!

  • Enjoy playing games with your friends as you have made a DIY air hockey set.