DIY ALL IN ONE PC; Concept to Reality "complete"

Introduction: DIY ALL IN ONE PC; Concept to Reality "complete"

 Its my first instructable. where i'll try to explain show you how u can make a cheap ALL IN ONE PC.

Though its not veryyyyyy cheap but cheaper than Orignal product

OKzzz my first image is a concept image to explain what i want to do.
  Basically i want to implant my eeepc 901 into my tft monitor :)

we need few products for this project.
1- eeepc or any net book (smaller ver. are easy to work with. for buying one cheap search for the item as a damaged one like no lcd working and no keyboard working or broken case. but fine from inside ;))
2- a monitor of ur choice. (though i was lucky to find one very cheap and its looks are like one of the all in one pc as well. try too look around in charity shops or cash converter typ shops)
3- few tools like soldring iron, cutter, hot glue gun, etc...
4- important thing ur brain and imaginations :D; which will make this product more verstile

Step 1: Problems..... and Solutions

the biggest problem i got with the power button caz its on motherboard. i tried to search for a better solution but :( i had to use my soldring ion at the end.. i attached a push button with the mainboard one and checked... it worked fine for me :)

Step 2: Modding the Body

u need to cut down parts to fit in allof ur component though i done this roughly and after words modified as it fixed the things...

Step 3: Bits and Pieces.....

i installed the bluetooth and usb hub ...  if u noticed that i've modifed the cutting area bcaz the vga cable was not fixing properly.. and power connector can be connected from external.

Step 4: Finallllllllllllllllll Part

here i fixed all the modded part of the monitor body and fixed everything.....

Step 5: Future

im plaining to putin the touch screen and camera in it as well which i'll do after few weeks.. i'll definatley update this page next time im in...

Thanks a lot everyone who took time to watch this . just remind u guyz again its my first instructable if i missed anything or u r planning to make one let me know i might be helpfull ...
Thanks alot

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