This is my first instructable. It's for an archery bag to practice on in my side yard area of my house. Using simple available mats this easy practice bag cost around $3 maybe. Cheaper if you already have the different colored duct tape. This 'structable is also open for interpretation as far as decorating your target (you can pin any paper target if you want) and sturdy enough for carbon arrows with target tips shot from a 30-35 pound long bow. Which was a DIY pvc pipe bow my work boyfriend made.

Step 1: Collect the Mats!

This pretty easy and sturdy archery target bag made from easy stuff I had laying around.

1. Reusable shopping bag.
This was a swag bag I got from some anime/comic/nerd con. This one measured 19"x24"x4". It also had its straps attached on the back like a backpack.
2. Duct tape!! I used 3 rolls basic silver and two contrasting colors for decoration.
3. Dried palm fronds. Because we those lying around. Probably any type of dried plant substrate would work as long as it packs tightly.
4. Cardboard. Not pictured sorry


The assembly is easy enough.
1. Cut out cardboard to size to line the front back and bottom of inside the bag. This will help keep the shape of the bag and add some thickness for the arrow to piece without piecing all the way through.
2. Stuff the bag with the palm fronds. Or really any dry plant material you have lying around. You wanna fill the bag with enough to make it thick full. I stuffed leaves from about 2-3 palm fronds that are sitting in the yard.
I kept shaping and fluffing the bag to keep the sturdy square shape.
3. Tape that puppy shut with the silver tape.

Step 3: DECORATE!!

I layered the front of the bag where I intended to strike with alternating colors of duct tape to form a square bullseye. Really this part is open to interpretation. You can tape, pin, glue any type of paper target or paint your bullseye or leave it blank whatever...


Once you got the target covered you can place and hang it on your stand. In my case a DIY target stand I made out of long sturdy branches I assembled together in an easel style. The back pack straps that are part of the shopping bag are used to hold the bag up at the top of the easel.
Place and go thwack off!
*One small caveat: This thing is not water proof. I can retain water because of the cardboard and plant material so you might want to keep it in a dry spot when not in use or placed in a covered target range. *