DIY ATtiny Development Board & Programmer

Introduction: DIY ATtiny Development Board & Programmer

Recently I m using the ATtiny 85, programing it through the arduino.
However I have found myself constantly shifting the chip between programing circuit and the development circuit.

Well until I have built the development board...

Step 1: Supplies

Arduino pro mini or one other
ATtiny mount
Empty PCB
Male and female pins connectors
10uf capacitor

(If you are using the arduino pro mini like me you will also need a uart to serial converter)

Step 2: Wiring

There is a different between the io pins numbers and the chip pins numbers, as for the connections to the arduino I use the chip pins numbers :
Arduino => ATTiny
Vcc => 8
GND => 4
D10 => 1
D11 => 5
D12 => 6
D13 => 7

I also connected the io pins according to its numbers to the connectors as follow

ATtiny => connectors (from left to right)
5 => 1 (while programing you refer it as 0)
6 => 2 (1)
7 => 3 (2)
2 => 4 (3)
3 => 5 (4)

GND => 6
Vcc => 7

Put the capacitor between GND and RST

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