DIY Acrylic Art



Introduction: DIY Acrylic Art

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Requirements :-

  • Any acrylic color you have.
  • One cardboard.
  • Color mixer plate
  • One A4 size sheet / canvas sheet .
  • Some paint brushes.

About :-

After creating your art send me on instagram i will upload your art as a story.

Instagtram Username :- its_your_anu

This is My First acrylic art if you want More Tutorial on acrylic art comment it.
Want to learn how to draw a portrait from oil pastel color comment it.


Step 1: Create a Setup

Create a setup.W

First you have to remember take a hard board or a canvas sheet. And then

I am using acrylic color but you can use water color also.Then darw your imagination whatever you will think .

Step 2: According to Theme Color of Ground

My Painting theme is related to evening scene. So i have decided the ground color should be black.

After completed the ground I have started With orange color as we know in the evening time sunset makes the sky orange. You can change color according to your imagination.

Step 3: Adding Things.

So the color of sky had completed.

Now I will add things which will make my canvas more beautiful. I have added most imp thing sun in sky and added clouds which will work like glitter in my canvas.

Step 4: More Things

I have added huts and one extra tree which is making my canvas more attractive and suitable on my theme.

That's how you can make your own painting .

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