DIY Acrylic Fidget Spinner

Introduction: DIY Acrylic Fidget Spinner

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Hi Please check the video I have given the details of how to make a makeshift fidget spinner.

I have also added the laser cut template for the same

Step 1: Required Parts

You would need

1) 22MM OD & 8MM ID ball bearings *9

2) Super Glue,Araldite or Fewikwik

3) Acrylic if you want to make the one which i have done in the video

4) LED optional

Step 2:

Remove the Lid of the bearing which will be going to be in the centre.

I would suggest you to by a good bearing for the centre one

Step 3: Clean the Grease of the Centre Bearing

Remove the Lid from the main bearings & clean it with WD40 or alcohol so the excessive grease is removed.

once you open the lid and clean the grase you will notice that the bearing has become really free.

Step 4: Stick the Cheap Bearings Close to Each Other

Now Stick the six bearings close to each
other with Super Glue, Fevikwik Or Araldite(Araldite would be the best).

Please be care ful while using the glue it should not go inside the centre bearing

Step 5: Let It Dry for Sometime

Once you stick the ball bearing it would lookg something like this as shown in the image

Now wait till the glue is dried up completely.

Step 6: Ready for the Spin

Now you makeshift fidget spinner is ready to use

Step 7: Acrylic Fidget Spinner

After I made my makeshift fidget spinner i designed my acrylic fidget spinner

You can refer the file i have attached in the instructables you can use it to cut on acrylic or MDF.

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    Question 2 years ago on Step 4

    I had made a couple of spinners like this. With bearings, weights, and symmetrical nut designs. I super glued them together but I found that the superglue released its bond. I was wondering if you had suggestions for making sure it sticks or maybe a different bonding method?