Introduction: DIY Acrylic Sheet Box

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I had a leftover acrylic sheet, which I actually bought to make this lamp. I couldn't just send the leftover piece to trash so making a 'box' out of it was the best and easiest idea.

I'm loving the transparent look. It's really useful for storing small craft materials and you won't have trouble finding anything from the box since it's transparent!

In this ible I'll show how to make a box from acrylic sheet.

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this box you'll need:

  1. Acrylic sheet
  2. X-acto knife
  3. Stainless steel ruler
  4. Super glue
  5. Cutting mat

Step 2: Cutting Acrylic Sheet

The difficulty of cutting acrylic sheet depends on the thickness of the sheet. I had the option of getting it cut from the store but wanted to cut it myself.

First I had to prepare the sheet into a piece of 4 X 10 inches. Here's how I had to cut it-

  1. Place the acrylic sheet on a flat surface and hold the stainless steel ruler along the acrylic sheet where you want to make the cut. Hold the ruler very tightly.
  2. Make 3-4 cuts along the ruler on the acrylic sheet.
  3. Now turn the sheet to the other side. You can see the cut through the other side as the sheet is transparent.
  4. Carefully hold the ruler exactly along the cut on the other side, be very careful otherwise you won't be able to cut the acrylic sheet neatly. Make 3-4 more cuts on this side. The cuts should be deep, put as much pressure as you can.
  5. Now hold the ruler along the cut with your thumb and hold the acrylic sheet (opposite to the cut or ruler) with the rest of the fingers. Apply as much pressure as you can along the cuts.
  6. At one point the sheet will break along the cuts.

cutting the acrylic sheet is quite difficult but it feels great when you can cut them neatly.

Step 3: Preparing All Pieces

Cut out more pieces for the box. I am making a square box so I had to cut them all into same size.

4 pieces for the sides and one for the bottom.

Use glass cleaner to clean all the pieces before making the box.

Step 4: Making the Box

The side pieces should have 0.5 cm extra along the width.

Place a scrap paper on your craft space (table or flat surface). Place
the base sheet on the scrap paper and hold any one of the side pieces vertically on any one side of the base piece. Apply super glue along the joint part of both pieces.

Similarly hold another side piece vertically near the first one and apply glue on its joint parts with the other pieces.

Similarly glue the 2 other sides. Allow the glue to dry.

Use different colored acrylic sheets for variation. You can try creating a different shaped box, not sure how to make a round box though!

Happy crafting!