DIY Adult (Thanksgiving Fancy Dress Idea) Fancy-dress Minion Costume (Despicable Me)

Introduction: DIY Adult (Thanksgiving Fancy Dress Idea) Fancy-dress Minion Costume (Despicable Me)

Make your own minion! Cost about £30 per minion.
Material amounts given are a GUIDE - you will have to calculate the amounts based on the person's height, and dimensions of the skeleton (e.g. hula-hoop) that you choose to use. Sizes of materials are based around the circumference of the hula-hoop you use, and the height of the person wearing the costume. Remember, just turn it purple instead of yellow and there's your Thanksgiving fancy dress costume idea!!

Useful formulas:
Area of a dome = 2 * 3.141 * radius * radius (where radius = circumference / 6.282)
Area of a cylinder = height * circumference

You will need:
-Set of permanent markers
-A4 plastic FOLDER 
-Craft/stanley knife
-Fabric scissors
-Tough scissors
-Yellow thread
-Black thread
-Tape measures: Builder and fabric
-Electrical tape
-Balls of string
-Double-sided sellotape

-3x hula-hoops (60cm diameter, variable as required)
-3x 1m long bamboo
-Sticky velcro
-1x0.2m acetate sheets
-About 1.2x5m 3mm-thick insulation foam (on a roll)
-about 2 sq m of blue fabric
-about 3 sq m of yellow fabric
-about 1 sq m of white loose-weave cotton
-about 1m of simple knicker-elastic
-about 7m of 2-3mm diameter garden wire

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9 years ago on Introduction

Brilliantly done video! Very clear and easy to follow, nice work!


9 years ago on Introduction


Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

thanks for the comment! and voted, very impressive especially considering cardboard and tape and paint!