DIY Advent Calender

Introduction: DIY Advent Calender

During these tricky times, we haven't been able to see our grandparents much. So we thought that we could make them something to cheer them up a bit. This project is great for the whole family, as you can each have a go at sewing your own pocket!


For this you will need:

  1. 50 festive coloured felt rectangles
  2. A thick fabric or two fabrics sewn together
  3. Around 60cm of ribbon
  4. Treats or gifts to fill the pockets

Step 1: Cut Out 48 Felt Rectangles

We cut ours out to around 10X15cm (It is a lot easier to do with fabric scissors). Arrange them in pairs and number them so you don't accidently do two of the same number. We did this with small bit of paper and push pins.

Step 2: Designing the Pockets!

Give everyone a couple of pockets each and get creative for each number! You only need to decorate one of the two bits of felt because the other one will be the back of the pocket. When you have finished designing them, sew the bottom and the sides together, but leave the top as that will be the opening for the pocket.

Step 3: Sew Your Big Fabric Together.

Our two pieces were about 70cm tall and 60cm wide. Add a couple of centimetres on to each side to allow for a nice hidden seam. Add 6, 10cm long pieces of ribbon on the top so it can be tied up.

Step 4: Finishing Up!

Sew your pockets on and fill them with treats! We filled ours with chocolate and some 3d printed parts, for example a small boat keyring for my Grandad and a dog collar hook for their dog. They can be found here: (boat keyring) (dog tail hook)

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