DIY Air Cannon

Introduction: DIY Air Cannon

I made my first air cannon to demonstrate to my class how angles affect range in rockets. This has proven useful as it is a great way to demonstrate correlation in algebra. Be aware that any time high pressure air is used, there is a chance of explosion. Be sure to follow all instructions on packaging when applying pvc cement.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

2” cap
2” tee
2” to ¾” threaded coupler
2” to 1” threaded coupler
¾” threaded adapter
¾” to ½” adapter
¾” x 2” nipple (2)
2” x 24” pvc pipe segment
½” x 24” pvc pipe segment
1” to ¾” black iron bushing
¾ to ⅜ brass bushing
Tire pressure gauge with regulator
Male npt air hose connector ⅜
Wood for stand
Silicone plumber tape

Step 2: Assembly

Assemble the items to look like mine, allow them to cure for an appropriate amount of time, and connect everything else that's threaded using plumbers tape to make seals.

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