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Introduction: DIY Air_Cooler

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Hi, in this tutorial you’re going to learn how to make a small personal and cheap cooler, Let’s Start.

You’re going to need:

- A Box big enough to fit the ice pack that you have

- Ice packs

- Styrofoam for isolation

- a fan ( I used a computer fan )

- An old phone charger or any charger bellow 12v if you’re using a computer fan.

- Switch

- Potentiometer ( not necessary)

- Soldering board ( just a small piece to fit the circuit )

- Some screws

Let’s Make it:

Step 1: How It Works

As shown in the picture the air gets inside the box from the holes in the back or from opening part of the box, it goes through the ace pack, gets cooler and get out concentrated by the fan.

the inside of the box is isolated using Styrofoam

Note: the fan should be placed in the right direction

Step 2: The Box Preparation

First we have to cut a circle for the fan and fix it with screws to the box.

Once done, we should isolate the inside of the box with the Styrofoam, and protect it using some cellophane tape.

Step 3: The Circuit

The charger:

If you're using a computer fan, it would be better if you have a 12 v DC-Charger (more power = more speed)

cut the connector of the charger and you'll have two cables ( Red and Black ).

The Fan:

Every Computer fan has at least 3 cables:

- black : GND

- Red : 5v/12v

- colored : to control speed.

if you don't know how to use them; test them with the charger once the fan turns u found the right ones, for the speed cable (if you have a 4 cables fan) put each one of them on the gnd(black) and red of the charger .. if you notice any variation in the speed , you found it .

Note: you can touch the 12 volts cables, it won't hurt you, even if the charger is plugged.

. use The Scheme above to connect your cables on the soldering board ( if you don't have a Potentiometer, just connect the rest as shown.

Step 4: Enjoy

Once everything done, stick the circuit to the box using some glue or screws.

put the ice pack inside,plug the charger, and Enjoy.

You can control the air flux, by opening or closing the box from above.

This is just a small example, you can improve it for you own personal needs.

That was my first instructable, i hope it was useful and easy to do.

If you have any problems in the process or any suggestion leave a comment, i'll gladly answer.

Thank You.

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