Introduction: DIY Aircon - Ice Fan 2.0

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After 50 years of dedicated scientific research, I created the DIY Home Aircon Ice Fan 2.0

Step 1: Creating Your DIY Ice Fan

While above I'm using a high-powered air filtration system, any old fan will work.

Creating the advanced cryogenic freeze system only takes 2 takeaway trays and one empty hummus dish. Arrange these as as shown in the picture to benefit from the advanced hydro-oxygen air displacement tunnelling effect.

The bottom tray serves to catch the displaced hydrogen and oxygen and is engineered to catch 100% of the ice fuel. You need not fear overfill here my friend.

First fill takeaway tray 'a' with hydrogen and oxygen mixed in a 2-1 ratio. Place in a -5 degrees cooling chamber until solid. Then arrange as shown above.

Now turn on your high-speed air displacement fan and enjoy the benefits of your icey cool microclimate.