Introduction: Living Bouquet-Grow Plants in Vase

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These amazing succulent and airplant combination makes a nice living waterfall bouquet. I love these so will you. Unlike regular bouquet these grow and live and have roots. Use existing vase you have and create these lovelies, keep them or gift them. It has costed me $20 to make this, if u remove the airplant it will cost less.Also u can make 2 of these arrangement with the plants you buy.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Glass Vase- Clear or tinted one

2. Airplant - Juncea Air Plant and Butzii-Air-Plan or any u can find.

3. Cactus Potting Mix

4. Some Pebble or stone to make drainage of excess water.

4. Succulents-

  • Upright plant -Fire stick Or Euphorbia
  • Trailing or falling plant- String of peal or Senecio rowleyanu.
  • Flowers- Any echeveria or chick and hen cutting
  • Flowers -Aeonium - u can buy a plant and snip a stem .

Step 2: Plant in the Vase

1. First I fill the Vase with Pebble from my garden, you can use sand or decorative stone

2. Fill vase to the brim with cactus soil.

3. Plant the euphorbia or fire stick . so the idea is first u plant the tall center piece plant in the center

4. After stabilizing the plant add the trailing plant here we have used string of pearl near the edge of the base. it can be the center or on the side.

5 Add flower looking succulent cutting right round to fill the case. make sure no soil can be seen.

6. To give it artsy look just snug in the air plant into the bouquet.

7. Now u can gift these bouquet

Step 3: Maintaining

1. Spray them with water once a week. Few pumps is needed.

2. Water them after 2 weeks of making this bouquet. This helps the cutting to root.

3. Water few spoon full of water one the soil look dry. else few pump of misting is enough.

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