Introduction: DIY Alice in Wonderland Flowers

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My Bestie is having an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Unbirthday Party. No Alice in Wonderland event is complete without those sassy, singing flowers who will learn you a thing or two. So, naturally, I went on a mission to make some.

Step 1: Materials

This cost me roughly $15 to make and took about 30 minutes to complete. All the materials were from the Dollar Tree, except the glue and wire cutters which I already had.

To make this project you'll need

-Silk flowers ( I got roughly 10 in various sizes and colors. I made sure to get lilies, roses, dendelions, and irises)

- Flower foam

- A Pot

-Googly eyes

- Moss

- Wire cutters


Step 2: Prep the Pot

The flower foam I got wedged perfectly into the pot, so I applied glue to the edges to stabilize it and just shoved it down.

I applied glue in a very haphazard way making sure I got is beyond the edges of the foam so the moss would cover it completely. I then applied the moss until the whole base of the foam was covered.

Step 3: Prep the Flowers

This is the most time consuming portion of the project.

I cut each stem off the base of the bouquet using the wire cutters.

I then attached the googly eyes. I got the kind that are self adhesive and they worked best on the flatter petals. I ended up still gluing most of the eyes on so they would stick. I suggest you spread out the eyes and pair them up by size before starting, especially if you are using glue rather than the self stick eyes. This will save you the hassle of looking for a partner after applying glue.

I decided to add the spectacles to a particularly uppity looking iris. I just used jewelry wire and shaped it.

Step 4: Assemble the Bouqet

I stuck each stem into the foam in no particular order. I tried to make sure I was distributing different types of flowers and colors. After they were all inserted, I bent the stems a bit so the eyes would be facing out rather than up.

I added ribbon to the pot just for fun.

Step 5: Enjoy!

I hope you learned a lot of things from this Instructable!