Introduction: DIY Aluminum Bronze. One of the Hardest Bronzes

For one of future projects I need some hard bronze, that's why I decided to make Aluminum Bronze. This bronze is one of the hardest!

Step 1: Bronze Content

This bronze will consist of 88% of copper and 12% of aluminum. Melting process is simple. At first I need to melt copper. So when I reach the temperature 1100-1200 C, I'll add aluminium. Finally, I suppose to get 2 kg of hard aluminum bronze.

Step 2: Copper Started Melting

When copper started melting it's time to add more copper and after that aluminum.

Step 3: Casting Time

Metals were melted and mixed. Casting time...

Step 4: The Quality

The quality of the round bar is not very good. There are some pores inside (in the centre). The second ingot is fine.

Step 5: Cutting the Upper Part

Cutting the upper part to see pores.

Step 6: Weight and Hardeness

I've made 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of aluminum bronze which I'd use for some projects. After processing on the lathe it's easier to see pores. This grade of bronze is really hard.

Step 7: Crucible

The crucible was damaged because the temperature was too high. Anyway the work was done. Some time ago I've already made Lead Bronze (it's on the right on the photo, push the link to read) and it's completely opposite to this one.