Introduction: DIY Aquaponic Vertical Window Farming

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This is for the Instructables Contest entry:

Did a project combining

- Hydroponic system;

- Aqua-Culture system;

- Air-Lift Technology;


- Recycle + Reuse + Reduce of waste (Soda Bottles) into useful Grow Beds,

- Vertical Farming arrangement that saving foot print in limited space while "catch" more sunlight;

- Being able to use/install in high-rise apartment;

- Reduction of solar heat gain into indoor;

- Decoration as indoor green wall/space/curtain;

- Low water usage relatively compare to soil gardening;

- Low energy usage relatively compare to using water pump;

- Two possible resulting crops (Fish & Vegetables); and

- Most importantly, it is a SUSTAINABLE System!

Here is the video of the DIY Aquaponic Vertical Window Farming System with Air-Lift Pump

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DIY Aquaponic Vertical Window Farming System

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