Introduction: DIY Aquaponics System

What you'll need:

- a tank (ours is a 10-gallon tank)

- popsicle sticks (regular + thick ones)

- something to cut the popsicle sticks (we used garden scissors)

- an Arduino Uno

- 3D Printer

- Air pump

- aquaponics sponges

- Temperature sensor

- Ph Sensor

- Basil (or another plant that doesn't need soil)

- Moss Balls (optional)

- pebbles and other tank decorations (optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Automatic Fish Feeder

We first printed out our automatic fish feeder. You can find the one we used here:

Step 2: Step 2: Make Sponge Holder

Use the popsicle sticks to make a holder for your aquaponic sponger (which is where you will be putting in the basil).

Our holder went 3 inches deep, 3 inches back, and all the way across (about 12 inches). Yours could vary in size since it all depends on the width of the tank.

Step 3: Step 3: Buying Tank Supplies

These are just as an extra precaution. You can buy the air pump, Ph sensor, and temperature sensors here:

Air Pump:

Ph Sensor (note these only last for 3-6 months each):

Temperature Sensor:

Step 4: Step 4: Buying a Plant

Now it's time to buy a plant. We bought a basil plant since it jh cheap and able to grow well in both soil and water. You can buy some from your local grocery store planted or as seeds.

Grow your seeds for a few weeks in between two sets of paper towels and then transfer to water or buy already grown basil, cut a portion of it, and transfer the cuttings to water so that they will grow new roots.

Here are some other good plants for an aquaponics system:

- lettuce

- pak choi

- kale

- watercress

- mint

Step 5: Step 5: Buying Some Fish

We put a betta fish in ours because we thought Charlie needed a nice tank upgrade.

Here are other fish you could buy that will do well:

- tilapia

- bluegill fish

- guppies

- koi

- fancy goldfish

- crappies

Step 6: Step 6: Done

Fill it all up and you're done!