Introduction: DIY Arduino Bluetooth Fan

This is an Arduino Bluetooth Powered fan! This idea randomly came to my mind when I was in my workshop, feeling super hot and sweaty. I then decided to make a fan but with just a little of touch to it. You can show this project to your friends and family, and take them by a breeze! This is a super easy and cool project that'll surely cool you off!


You will need:
1x Arduino Nano/Uno/Mega

1x dc motor

1x HC-05 Bluetooth Module

1x breadboard

1x breadboard power supply

1x 9v battery

1x L293D chip

1x 1k ohm resistor

1x 4.7k ohm resistor

13x jumper wires

4x 30x30 cm cardboard

1x ruler

1x pen

1x plastic water or soda bottle with cap

1x scissors or box cutter

1x hot glue or super glue

1x Android device

1x computer, phone, or tablet

1x power bank

Step 1: Making the Circuit

Follow this schematic and place the components onto your breadboard.

Step 2: How to Download Arduino Software

You can visit this link and download Arduino IDE on your device. Without it, this project cannot run or function correctly.


Step 3: The Actual Program

Now we're going to program the fan and in order to do that, copy my code onto your Arduino IDE (note: your Arduino board should be connected to your computer).

Paste this into your source code:

int speedPin = 2;
int dir1 = 3;

int dir2 = 4;

char IncomingValue = 0;

void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once:

pinMode(speedPin, OUTPUT);

pinMode(dir1, OUTPUT);

pinMode(dir2, OUTPUT);

Serial.begin(9600); }

void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

while(Serial.available()>0){ IncomingValue =;



if(IncomingValue == '1'){

digitalWrite(speedPin, HIGH);

digitalWrite(dir1, HIGH);

digitalWrite(dir2, LOW); }

if(IncomingValue == '0'){

digitalWrite(speedPin, LOW);

digitalWrite(dir1, LOW);

digitalWrite(dir2, LOW);




Step 4: Creating the Housing

We’re now going to make the outter housing for this fan. Follow the measurements shown in here and cut them out once you’re finished.

Congrats you've just made the housing!

Step 5: Making the Fan Blades

Follow the measurements as shown and cut them out. You can also just print out the fan template that I've provided below, and adjust the blade size of your liking.

Congrats you've just made the fan blades!

Step 6: Making the Center Piece for the Fan

Now we're going to make the center piece of the fan, where it attaches to the dc motor.

1. Cut out a piece of circle.

2. Measure it's diameter and multiply by 3.14 to determine it's circumference.

3. Take that circumference and measure it out onto a piece of cardboard.

4. Draw a retangle with the circumference x 1 in.

4. Cut those two shapes out.

5. Make a small hole in the center of the circle for the motor.

6. Glue the two pieces together with the help of glue.

Congrats you've just made the center piece!

Step 7: Assembling the Housing

Now we're going to put together the housing for the components.

1. Take your components and attach it to the "L" shaped piece .

2. Glue the rest of the outter cutouts onto the "L" piece.

Congrats you've just assembled the housing!

Step 8: Putting Both Things Together...

We're now going to assemble everything together.

1. Get the hard cardboard platform and glue the plastic bottle on top of it.

2. Attach the hosuing on top of the bottle (make sure it's safely secured and glued on).

3. Assemple the fan blades onto the motor by glueing it.

4. Add any extra details you like onto the fan.

Congrats! You've just asssembled the fan itself!

Step 9: Making the App to Control the Fan.

We’re going to be using MIT App Inventor to control the Bluetooth fan.

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Create a new app

3. Put in 2 buttons and label each of them "ON" or "OFF"

4. Put in bluetoothclient1

5. Go to designer at the right hand corner

6. Copy the building blocks as shown.

Step 10: Downloading Your App

Now we're ready to dowload your app on your Android device(note: it has to be an Android device, otherwise this won't work).

1. Go to "build" at top of your screen

2. Click on " App ( provide QR code for .apk ) "

3. Download the MIT APP INVENTOR app on your andoid device, located in the google play store (it's free to download so no need to charge).

Link to emulator:

4. Open up the app and press on " scan QR code "

5. hover your device over the barcode on your computer and download the .apk.

6. Open up your app and test it!

Step 11: All Set! Test Out Your Fan!

1. Power up your fan using the 9v battery and an USB cable

2. Wait till the HC-05 module is blinking red

3. Open up your app, and connect to Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth logo (make sure the Hc-05 module is connected to Bluetooth in your Android device).

4. Press "ON" to tur it on and "OFF" to turn it off.

5. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've just built a Bluetooth fan!

Step 12:

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