DIY Arduino Load Bank Lipo Storage/Discharger Station

Introduction: DIY Arduino Load Bank Lipo Storage/Discharger Station

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Sometimes you charge your lipos but didn't flew, so you need storage the lipos.
I found in the flite test website one simple project, so my project basically its a remix.

My changes:

Added a SSD relay;

More Load resistor;

Cooler fan;

XT60 and balance connectors;

Small change in the code for better storage voltage value.

Step 1: Material

1x - Arduino Uno R3

1x - SSD Relay DC-DC (Im using 100A ssd)

4x - High Power Load Resistor(Im using 3R 100W)


1x - 10k

6x - 220ohm

1x - 4S Lipo Balance Conector

1x - Cooler Fan

1x - XT60

Leds -

Jumpers for arduino

Solder Station

Drill Machine


Cutting Pliers

Aluminium dissipator for load resistors

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Building

Position all components in your own box.

Put the load resistors into the dissipator.

Wiring the leds and resistors to arduino.

Solder the 10K resistor to balance connector.

Wiring all wires from balance connector to arduino.

Step 4: Arduino Code

Step 5: Video

Thanks for watching.

Any question, please comment.

Step 6: Original Project From Flite Test

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    Question 11 months ago on Step 4

    So to use this for a 2s, all I would need to change as far as code, is the "target voltage"?