Introduction: DIY Arduino Solar Tracker

This project was originally made as a Physics assignment. The assignment was to create something with an Arduino, this includes designing, programming and building.

We chose to make a moving solar panel. The panels automatically move towards the place with the most light. This ensures optimal power generation.

In order to come to a proper design we looked at several existing designs. From there we started to come up with different design options.

Step 1: Requirements

Building requirements:

  • 4x 5.5V 90mA 0.6W Mini Solar Cell 6.5 x 6.5
  • 1x Arduino Uno rev3
  • 2x SG90 Mini servo (180°)
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper cables
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering tin
  • 3.3mm multiplex
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Hot glue

Step 2: Building

In order to make sure that each of the 4 solar panels know how much power they are generating. We are going to need to use 4 of the analog ports. The ports can exactly check how much power they are generating.

The 4 solar panels are placed at an angle so there's a bigger difference between the amount of power they are generating. 2 servos are used to allow the panels to move in each direction.

The schematic can be found in the picture above.

Step 3: Upload Code

The following code has been used: (keep in mind that the Servo library is used: Servo GitHub