DIY Arduino Time Lapse Panner for GoPro




Introduction: DIY Arduino Time Lapse Panner for GoPro

I needed to create a panner that would make 1 rotation over 5 minutes.

I discovered two other projects to base mine on. Construction is pretty much the same as the source projects below.

I rewrote some of the code. My TimeLapse Panner prompts for # of Rotations and Duration in minutes

Project Sources



Step 1: Demo Video

Step 2: Parts and Pieces

Here are a list of Parts from V2.


1 (SG804A - 4 inch Gearbox Arm
3 (535044 - .250 inch ID x .500 inch OD Flanged Ball Bearing
* I found this at SparkFun
1 (634074) 1/4 inch x 2.500 inch D-Shaft
1 (545588) (06.11.03) 1/4 inch Bore Clamping Hub
1 (RHA32-36-84) 84 Tooth, 32 Pitch Hub Gear (3/16 inch Face)
1 (585484) (03.11.03) 90 Degree Channel Bracket A
1 (585400) (09.12.02) Attachment Blocks (12 pack)
* I did not use these.
1 (585468) (04.11.01) Flat Single Channel Bracket
* I did not use this.
1 (ABS250-625-725) 6.25 inch x 7.25 inch ABS Sheet (1/4 inch Thick)
* I used .220 thick Acrylic sheet from HomeDepot.
4 (534-1857) 6-32x 2.50 inch Aluminum Standoffs (Round)
* I did not use these. I used 4 x 6-32 3-inch bolts.

1 ULN2003 5v stepper motor
1 Axial Pinion Gear 32P 12T Steel 5mm Motor Shaft AX30838 NIB

Misc 6-32 flat head screws and bolts (I used 1/2 lengths)

1 SainSmart LCD 1602 Keypad Shield with Mega 2560 Arduino board
* The Mega board is probably overkill for this project.

Step 3: Arduino Code

Step 4: Build It!

I would refer to


for build hints. It wasn't too difficult to create, wire the boards and motor, and piece together the enclosure.

You may have a different idea for the enclosure.

Step 5: LCD to Motor Driver Wiring Diagram

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6 years ago on Introduction

Nice work!

I am making a version of your Time Lapse device using a 4x20 LCD I2C display and Meccano gears with a 1 to 7 ratio.

I have combined your code with the code from

The code is switchable between the two so I can select your code for full Rotation Time Lapse or the set rotation Timelapse from Twinegarner.

Will post a pic when the project is completed.


6 years ago on Introduction

nice choice in buying that sjcam. GoPro's are a waste of money


7 years ago on Introduction

Nice time lapse panner!

I like that you've posted your own take on a project that's been previously done, but given complete credit where it's due. This is a perfect example of how to build off of a previous project, but expand the ideas and move them forward. Well done!