Introduction: DIY Ariel and Aurora Tiara Tutorial

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I love The Little Mermaid. I love tiaras. This was a no brainer.

As I made this tutorial, I noticed that it would be easy to use these techniques to make Aurora's (Sleeping Beauty) tiara as well.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:
Stiffened yellow felt (regular felt will not hold the weight of the glue and sequins)
A headband
Gold sequins
Glue (I tried E6000 but decided to go with hot glue instead because it dries faster)

The tiaras take about 20 minutes each to make and cost <$5 to make.

Step 2: Prep the Felt

This step isn't all that exact. I looked at photos of the princesses wearing their tiaras and sketched it onto the felt.

Cut put the tiaras and glue them onto the headbands.

It's important to glue them on before applying the sequins for two reasons:

1. You want to check the profile of the tiara to make sure it's the look you want. I ended up needing to trim mine down.
2. The sequins will fly off if you bend the felt after gluing them on.

Step 3: Glue on the Sequins

This is the fun and time consuming part. You are going to glue the sequins on vertically. Apply 1-2 inches of glue and lay a column of sequins down. For the next row, nestle the sequins under the first row of sequins. This will give it a nice uniform look. Make sure you glue the sequins so they will cover all the felt. They can be a little beyond the edge of the felt.

Step 4: ENJOY!

Don your tiara and prance around the house issuing orders :)

If you make a tiara using this tutorial I'd love to see it!