Introduction: DIY Art T-shirt for Kids and Paint Palette Hair Clip

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I have made this art t-shirt for kids and Paint palette hair

clip. In this tutorial, I will show you how I made this t-shirt and hair clip. It’s very easy.

Materials for Hair clip:

1) Felt

2) Hair clip findings

3) Glue

$) Fabric Paint

Materials for the T-shirt:

1) Plain t-shirt

2) Fabric paint

3) pen or pencil for drawing

Step 1: How to Make Hair Clip:

First I draw the paint pallet pattern and using that I cut

the felt. I cut 2 pieces of felt paint pallet and joint it together using glue. Then using fabric paint I have given some details to that paint pallet. Then I made the paintbrush using felt and attached it to the paint pallet and then I attached the hair clip findings using glue. And I am done.

Step 2: How to Make T-shirt:

First I have drawn all the art supplies and then cut all the

patterns for it. Then on the t-shirt, I put all the patterns and made position how I want the design accordingly I put all the patterns and then I drawn on the t-shirt. And while start painting I put one cardboard paper inside the t-shirt so it will not mess up. Then using fabric paint I have painted the t-shirt and let it dry for the whole night. And it’s ready to wear.