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Introduction: DIY IKEA Document Wall Holder

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So lets say you have a pile of drawings, papers, posters, maps, or what ever. You know what I'm talking about. Now you could shove them into a tube or leave them in the corner hoping the pixies would magically make them go away, but today you are feeling empowered over your dominion and want to create some cool wall art and storage at the same time. I give you my wall holder thingy!

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Tools.

To start with you are going to need a wine bottle holder of sorts. This will be the core to your piece. I went with this one, VURM, from IKEA and it runs for about $10, sometimes you can find cheaper ones in the damaged/as-is section of IKEA. While you are in that part of the store check out the "craftsmen" special area of cabinet bits for a board to mount this to. You could fasten some pallet boards together or get a sheet of ply. I had this pine board left over from making a crafting table so I hit it up with some stain and distressed it just a tad. You could make yours however you like. You will also need a hammer, wire cutters, framing wire, a nail or five, staple gun, staples, measuring tape and/or pushpins. If you opt for the push pins you will only need a nail for hanging this.

Step 2: The Backboard.

Dress up your back board however you like. As you see I stained mine. Then flip it over to the back once its dry. To make the hanger in the back, take some framing wire and center it on the back, then folder then ends over twice. in the middle of each of the folds apply one staple. Wind the loose ends together and its done. I did not do such a clean job of this but it works. You can get a kit like this one.

Step 3: Mounting the Rack.

So now that the board is finished we move on to the attachment of the wine rack. So for this you could anything really; nails, screws, or tacks. I went with push pins for the ease of taking it apart for moving or changing up the look of things. Using a tape or other measuring device center up your wine rack, mark your points, then drive in your fastener, and mount the rack.

Step 4: Load Up and Hang.

So at this point roll up those papers or items you want to store on this. Roll them up slightly smaller than the open for them to pass into then help them unroll a bit to fill the cavity. Once you have done this will all four slots its ready to hang. You can also add more item to this by rolling them up smaller than the ones on there and placing them inside then open them up to fill out the space. Now take your hammer and nail to your wall. Pop it in. Take your board and slide it over the nail as to allow it to catch the wire. Pop a level on this bad boy and straighten up. Now you are done.

Step 5: Conclusion

You did it!! Great job you! You have made something that could be kinda boring into a rad personalized piece that will fit your style. You can roll with this idea to come up with some other variants. You could make this sturdier and even put wine in it.

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    That's so cool that you can store you documents in scroll form, makes my inner geek pretty happy!


    Just to check: no modifications were made to the original ikea wine rack?

    Kind of an interesting use. Always good to take advantage of vertical storage.