Introduction: DIY Audio Speaker 2.1 System

4 months since having the idea, the boxes are ready to puplish in my very first instructable.

It actually started with the project because existing (very cheap) 5.1 equipment was unfortunately rarely used. Too complicated with 2 remotes etc. The amplifier also very big, boxes cheap with plastic casing and bad sound.

After searching the internet I found Udo's page.

Step 1: Order Necessary Material

Orderlist for the project:

Speaker set: speaker set

OSB Plates from every DIY stores, I use 18mm thickness.

silver foil: d-c-fix foil

ALU-Dibond, blue and silver. I get this from a local company.

But you also get from ebay. alu dibond

Wood filler: OSB wood filler

glue: mounting glue

Step 2: Start the Design With Fusion360

I use my small cnc maschine to create the boxes. So i decide to build the boxes in layers.

It is create to build boxes in layers because it makes easy to build complex designs.

To design the satellite and the subwoofer, it is importand to use the right thickness of the layers.

The thickness must correspond to the wood used.

After this i place the parts on virtual cnc tables and calculate the cnc pathes.

I use the CAM function from Fusion360.

Step 3: Start Milling the Satellite

I use a stepcraft D820 with a Sorotec 3mm flat endmill, 10000rpm, 5mm cutting deep per path and 700mm/min feedrate.

Step 4: Soldering the Crossover

Step 5: Filling the Box With Acoustic Foam

For the first test i use clamps.

I was totally surprised how awesome the speakers sound.

so it is time to glue.

Step 6: Glue and Finish the Satelite

I finished the box with wood filler and a lot of sanding.

After this i use the foil.

Importand by using the d-c-fix foil is, you have to use a heatgun or a hairdryer. when you heat up the foil it is easy to glue the corners and curves.

Step 7: Now the Subwoofer, Mostly Same As the Sat.

Step 8: Finished the Wood Work

Step 9: Now the Frontplates

I decide to engraving the frontplates with some things from my favourite movies.

I do the design in Fusion 360 and generate the toolpath for the machine.

The blue plates are painted with silver and the paint wiped off immediately. As a result, the engravings are silver.

Step 10: Finish the Mona 2.1 Speaker Set.