DIY Audio Spectrum LED Kit

Introduction: DIY Audio Spectrum LED Kit

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Hello friends!

This week, ICStation team want to introduce a popular Audio spectrum LED kit that bounces with music to you.

There is no complex programming skill need. It needs the basic soldering skill. The places of components have been marked and labeled on the board which makes it easy to assemble. Don’t need to worry about how to use it.

First, let's know something, such as the basic parameter and components list about this easy but funny music spectrum kit.


Standby current: Less than 1mA

Working voltage: DC 5V

Display LED: 8*4

Display color: Red+Blue

Next, let's see how to install it steps by steps.

Step 1: Install RES

Refer to the resistance mark on the circuit board and install the resistor well.


Step 2: Install Ceramic Capacitance



Step 3: Install Audio Input Socket

Two input sockets are convenient to connect to other devices again.

Step 4: Install Function Key S1

Step 5: Install Power Input J1

The installed power input holder must

be welded and fixed with a spare part pin

Step 6: Install Electrolytic Capacitor

The long pin of the electrolytic capacitor is the positive pole

Step 7: Install Integrated Circuit

Pay attention to the direction of installation

Step 8: Install LED

First, the positive and negative poles of LED are identified①

Install a row of LED first,

Install another row after welding and adjusting②

Please pay attention to the installation of the lamp to maintain every horizontal or vertical color should be the same.

Step 9: Mode Setting and Schematic Diagram

Step 10: Video Demo From Customers

There are several videos about this kit in our website. If you want to know more info, please check the products description from ICStation.

ICStation is also looking for partners to join our maker space program! If anyone interested in review electronic products, feel free to contact us!

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Thank you for your attention! Wish you all have a nice day:)

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