Introduction: DIY Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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DIY automatic sanitizer dispenser kit is an activity kit that is designed to motivate kids to get fascinated by the wonders of science. This kind of experiential activity encourages children to learn while playing, and develop an array of important skills such as problem-solving ability, logical thinking, STEAM skills, curiosity, and creativity.


1 Power havi element

1 Infrared (IR) Sensor havi element

1 Motor havi element

1 Power bank with cable

1 Water pump

1 Bowl or container

Project papers


Step 1:

Get all the components ready. All the components are readily available in a DIY Robotics starter kit at Havi. You can make 93+ creations using the same.

Step 2:

Make a circuit using Power + IR + Motor element.

Step 3:

Attach the pump to the motor element and put the pump inside the water as shown in the images. Initially, we will take water to experiment.

Step 4:

Cut the chart paper in a creative way. Make four small holes in chart paper to place a water outlet and IR LED

Step 5:

Cover the container with chart paper in such a way that the water outlet and IR LED can be placed in the same direction.

Step 6:

Keep your hand under the pump outlet and Tadaa, your DIY touchless dispenser is ready! Replace the water with sanitizer now and surprise your guests

Step 7:

Watch the video for a better understanding of the assembling of the automatic dispenser. Make 93 such creations using Havi's DIY Robotics starter kit.