How to Make Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Introduction: How to Make Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

DIY automatic sanitizer dispenser kit is an activity kit that is designed to motivate kids to get fascinated by the wonders of science. This kind of experiential activity encourages children to learn while playing, and develop an array of important skills such as problem-solving ability, logical thinking, STEAM skills, curiosity, and creativity.


10 MDF Plates

1 Infrared (IR) Sensor

1 Relay Module

1 Junction Circuit

1 Power Jack

1 Bottle & Pump

1 Tube

1 Power Cable

Step 1:

Get all the components ready. All the components are readily available as a DIY kit at Havi.

Step 2:

Place the L1 block on the left & L2 block on the right and connect both using the A block. Next, place the B block on the front side.

Step 3:

Now, place the C block in such a way that, the two holes point towards the front.

Step 4:

Place the D block to cover the protruding part of your Dispenser. (Make sure to secure your design using the provided rubber bands)

Next, cover the top of your Dispenser with the E block.

Step 5:

Here comes the fun part. Switch to rear view. Stick the two-way tape in the marked area. Next, Install and connect the Infrared (IR) sensor, Relay and the 4-pin Connector.

Step 6:

Now, place the power jack into the F block and fix it into the L1 block and secure the same using G block.

Step 7:

Fill the bottle with Sanitizer and install the Bottle, Pump and the Tube as shown below.

Step 8:

Cover the rear part using the H block and if you haven’t, secure your touchless sanitizer dispenser with the provided rubber bands.

Step 9:

Yay!! Your Sanitizer Dispenser is now ready to function. Using the provided cable plug it into the wall using a 5V = 2 Amp Adapter.

Watch the video for a better understanding of the assembling of the automatic dispenser provided as a DIY Dispenser Kit by Havi

Step 10:

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