Introduction: DIY BIG LED Matrix Youtube Subscriber Counter

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Have you worked with ready-made standard 8x8 LED matrix as displays to make scrolled text or to display your Youtube channel subscriber. A large readily available size is LED diameter 5mm. However, if you are looking for a much larger ready-made LED matrix, you may be out of luck.

For this project, we will be building a single colour BIG LED matrix display which is made up of a few large 8x8 LED 10mm matrix modules daisy-chained together. Each of these 8x8 LED matrix modules is around 100mm x 100mm in size.

This is a development from the instructables project before making ESPMatrix Devices.

Step 1: Part Required

Here are the components that you will need to make this project:

(4) PCB BIG LED Matrix 8x8

(1) Wemos D1 mini board (ESP8266)

(256) LED 10MM

(4) IC MAX7219CWG (SMD)

(4) R 10K OHM (SMD 0603)

(4) C 0.1UF (SMD 0603)

(4) C 47UF (SMD 1206)

(5) Cable Jumper AWG30

(3) Frame (3D printed part)

(2) Hanger (3D drinted part)

(2) Clips (3D drinted part)

(14) Bold & Nut M3x5mm

Step 2: Get PCB

To get PCB you can manufacture it directly on PCBWAY, how to order is very easy and you will get 10 Pcs PCB for $5 with very great PCB quality.
Step to Order:

1. SignUp/Log in on

2. Open this PCB project link 8x8 BIG LED Matrix.

3. Click Add to cart.

Step 3: First Time Soldering LED D30

1. Cut the two led legs do not exceed the back of the PCB

2. Solder LED into PCB with name D30.

Step 4: Solder SMD Components

After finishing soldering the LED D30, then solder all the SMD components IC MAX7219CWG, R 10K ohms, C 0.1uf & 47uf.

Step 5: Attach All LEDs

Install all remaining LEDs from D1 to D64.

Step 6: Solder All LEDs

Solder on one pin LED of all LEDs

Step 7: Align LED Position

Preheat the lead on the foot of each LED accompanied by pressing the LED head to close and align the led position with PCB.

Step 8: Solder Other LED Pins

Solder on another pin of LEDs

Step 9: Cut All LED Legs

Step 10: Install a Frame to Unite All Pcb

You will need some 3D printed part, you can download file STL here Frame for PCB 8x8 BIG LED Matrix, print Frame 3pcs, Hanger 2pcs and Clips 6pcs.

This 3d printed frame is design to unite each 8x8 LED Matrix PCB, to tie between PCB with 3D printed part use bolt and nut M3x5mm.

Step 11: Connect Jumper Pin Header

Connect each PCB OUT terminal with next side PCB IN terminal use male header jumper, you will need 15pcs modified male header, follow tutorial in video to see more detail.

Step 12: Connect Wemos Board

Use the stick glue stick to attach the Wemos board to the back of the PCB 8x8 LED matrix.

Before connecting Wemos board with PCB 8x8 LED matrix, you need programming Wemos board use App first. To program the Wemos ESP8266 (ESP Matrix) very simple, you only need to connect Wemos (ESP Matrix) to an Android phone via a micro usb cable and OTG adapter, see video more details. Then install the ESP Matrix app from Google Playstore. In the first welcome screen tap UPLOAD button.

The last step solder to connect between PCB 8x8 LED matrix with Wemos board; VCC to 5V, GND to G, CLK to D5, CS to D6 & DIN to D7.

Step 13: Enjoy

If you feel dissatisfied with the short type because you can only see short messages, so you can make the long type the length of the size two times longer. For more details you can follow the tutorial in this video.

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