Introduction: DIY BMX Cruiser Bike's Stand


This project I try to do something, that easy to make. It’s a BMX 24” cruiser bike’s stand by using the old wood. Usually most BMX doesn’t come with bike stand or leg stand that attach at the back wheel of the bike. After finished riding, we normally rest the BMX against the wall by using the end of handle bar. It takes up more space of the room, due to the bike need to be up right and straight, or it might fall down. So I decided to make a BMX bike’s stand and it will not take up too much of the space, because of the front wheel can be turn. It works very well and looks very cool.

The dimension: Width 14 X Height 31 X Length 28 centimeters

Supplies that you need to do the Bike stand’s project.

1. Old wood or (Any kinds of wood) 2 different colors will be good.

2. Wood glue.

3. Coconut oil (Cold pressed).

Step 1: Prepare the Old Wood

Select the old wood that going to use, and make sure the wood piece long enough. Because you want it to look like, it made from the same piece of wood. Then use the wood planer to smooth and get the right thickness (I use 2.5 centimeter thickness). Now you need to measure and write the dimension on the wood, (The height of the bike’s stand should be the same height as the wheel’s hub from the tire). The wheel will rest on the wood base and hung on the vertical piece. Then start cutting the wood into 2 pieces (The vertical piece and the base piece.) For the vertical piece the top is narrow then the bottom. So you need to trim off the top to some angle that will look slightly narrow to the bottom.

Step 2: Cut the Old Wood

After wood cut into 2 pieces. Now you need to make mortise and tendon joint for these 2 pieces. The base piece needs to make mortise joint, so you need to measure the grove and use router to cut in the wood and use the chisel to straight at each end of the grove. For the vertical piece need to do 2 things, (The bottom of the vertical piece needs to make tendon joint and the top that’s narrow need to make a V shape cut, But make sure that the bottom of the V shape will fit or little bigger than the wheel’s hub. For the tendon the wood should fit in the grove that already made. Then you need to cut the different color of wood to fit at the bottom of the V shape. I use red color wood. Next is to use router to cut horizontal line at the top half of the vertical piece all the way to the top and use sand paper to sand the piece until it smooth. (The router will leave some mark on the wood). So that the thickness is different the top is about 15 millimeters and the bottom is the same thickness as to the base piece.

Step 3: Finishing Touch

Now you need to glue the 2 pieces together, by using wood glue. Apply the wood glue into mortise and attach tendon joint. Make sure that it fit correct and let it dry for a day or so. After that clean up the bike’s stand by using dry cloth to get all the dust off. Next you apply the coconut oil (Cold pressed) first coat, let it soak in. Then let it dry in the sun, and apply more coat until it looks wet and shine.

Special Thanks to : Mr. O, Mr. Sakorn

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