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Ever wanted to make your own breath mints, probably not but im going to show you how!


1 3/4 cups sugar pure cane is best or 15 fl oz
3/4 cup light corn syrup 6 fl oz
1/2 cup  water
1 Teaspoon Mint Oil
(learn how to extract your own in my other instructable)
Optional green food coloring
confection sugar
Vegetable Oil
( i use sunflower check out how to make your own in my other instructables)
baking sheets
wax paper

Medium Sauce pan
measuring cups
something to stir with
a food syringe or injector or a very small spoon
candy thermometer
or a digital or very accurate thermometer

Step 2: Step One: Add Your Ingredients

Take your medium sauce pan set the stove to medium
Add your water, sugar and corn syrup
Heat and stir until  the sugar dissolves into a cloudy liquid
this takes about 10 minutes
now is a good time to prepare your sheet pans, with the wax paper  then oil the wax paper well

Step 3: Step Two: Bring to a Boil

OK after the sugar dissolves. STOP STIRRING!
put in our candy thermometer, and wait until the mixture hits 300 degrees 
AS SOON AS THIS HAPPENS remove the pot from the heat.

Step 4: Step Four: Making Candy Dots

Now take out your food injector and quickly fill it with the hot liquid sugar this is very hot so be careful.
Then squeeze out a little of the liquid onto the wax paper into little dots. you can make these as big or as small as you can
just keep in mind that stuff in the pan and inside the food injector is slowly getting harder and harder so speed is the key

Then after filling the sheet with dots, let them cool put them in a plastic container with a lid with some confectionery sugar shake them around a pit then there you go DIY breath Mints
 Eat and enjoy the minty flavor

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