Introduction: DIY Backpack Velcro

I got this 40L backpack on sale as a weekend pack, but it was lacking one small fixable detail: Velcro patches for my ID and Texas flag patch. I made a quick, cheap trip to my local Wal-Mart for the following:

* One bottle of super glue

* One package of black Velcro WITH adhesive backing

The patches were one that I had from my last pack and an old Obey patch I pulled off my old hat.

Step 1: Find Your Center

You want to make the velcro patch centered on the bag for aesthetic purposes. Use a tape measure and get to work!

Step 2: Trial Run

Use the adhesive already on the velcro strips to lightly attach your strips to the bag. Ensure that the bag is pulled tight when applying the adhesive and be sure that the strips touch and are straight. I attached the patches for a quick look (see 2nd pic.)

Step 3: Make It Strong

*** Always be mindful when working with super glue! You are working with a powerful adhesive that dries quickly. Follow all applicable instructions on the package. ***

I used the super glue to reinforce the pre-existing adhesive. I made zig-zags on the strips before firmly pressing them onto the bag. Most importantly, draw lines around the borders of the patch (see 1st pic.) Remember that the super glue will ooze a bit when you push the strips down. This will keep the corners of the velcro from fraying up over time.

Step 4: Enjoy!

This process can be repeated on any part of the bag! Have fun and share where you add patches to YOUR backpacks!