Introduction: DIY Backyard Water Slide

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Hi this is jgfresh back with another recycled project. Today we are making a DIY backyard water slide! Today i decided to build this slide out of objects around the yard. Enjoy!! 

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You Will Need:
4.Foam Blocks
5.Bubble Wrap
8. laminated Surface(Plastic/Laminated Wood)
9. Clamps

Step 2: The Base

First create a frame for the slide. Create a 6x4 frame using the wood and screws. pretttty simple. 
Next cut a sheet of wood to fit over top of this frame. Screw it down.
Finally cut the laminated wood to fit over the board. Screw it down.

Step 3: The Pool.

Next we must create the pool. To create the pool just place the foam blocks where you want the perimeter of the pool. Then place the tarp over-top of the perimeter just created.  push the tarp inward until it touches the ground. Finally place wood around the edges to hold it down. Make sure to leave a gap on the side to release water.

Step 4: Foamify

In this step you will build the Support for the ramp. To do so stack up some foam blocks next to the pool as high as you want the slide to be. place a layer of bubble wrap over the end of the pool where the slide will be. Lay the Finished base down over the foam support you just made.

Step 5: Finishing Up!

Clamp the hoses to the top of the ramp. Cut a piece of bubble wrap to use as a slider. Hop on!! And now its time to test it out!!!! Thank you :) Byeeee!!!

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