Introduction: DIY Bamboo Bike- Try the New Style of Riding!

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The bamboo bikes are getting popular day by day. There are several reasons why bike riders are becoming more interested in them. Well, if you are also planning to buy a Bamboo bike, here is a short guide to help you make one for yourself easily. Read on to know more.

Bamboo- it is a popular forestry material used worldwide for various purpose. But, that is not enough to explain bamboo. Do you know that Bamboo is stronger than steel and it is lightweight? Besides, it has some amazing features, which make it perfect material to construct your own bike.

Step 1: Collecting the Parts:

First step will be gathering all stuff that you need to build your bamboo bike. To start with figure out what type of bicycle you need. Accordingly, bring the different parts and sufficient amount of bamboo. You will need:

  • Dropouts
  • Bottom bracket shell
  • Head tube
  • Fork

Step 2: Select the Frame Style:

Before starting, select wisely the frame of your bike. For this, several points need to be considering, such as the chain stay length, head tube angle and bracket drop. Thus, if you are not sure about the frame design, you can take an existing frame (template). Draw a lay out of the frame on a big paper sheet.

Step 3: Cutting the Bamboo:

As per the frame you designed, start chopping the bamboo. You can keep diameter same as of the aluminum rod. For other parts like the dropouts, you can either purchase new or take it off your old bike. It can be done for bottom bracket shell and the fork in a similar way.

Step 4: Treating the Bamboo:

If you buy fresh and green bamboo, make sure you dry before using it. You can opt for the heat treatment. All you need is to heat the bamboo slowly until it becomes light brown. Later, you can wait for bamboo to turn dark brown. You can try it first on few pieces and then do it with others. This treatment is essential as it make the soft and fresh bamboo into a super hard material, making it ideal for your bike!

Step 5: Framing the Parts:

Once you are done with heat treatment, cut the bamboo as per the frame and start with tacking the frame. For framing other parts, consider the frame design you decided. Here you need to be very precise while selecting the chain and seat placement. Keep the wheel placement for last and do not forget to check the alignment.

Step 6: Epoxy Time:

You can select the one, which suits you the most. This step needs more patience, carefulness and skills. Before starting, clean the joints carefully. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Start applying small batches of epoxy, followed by lashing. Wrap it on the joints properly.

When you are done with all above steps, it is your turn to put in the head set and bottom bracket. Later, put the chain, cranks, wheels, bar and the seat post. So, it is all done. You can now go for a ride on your all-new bamboo bike.