Introduction: DIY Banyan Tree / Bonsai Tree


Chart paper, backer rod of different sizes, pot, PVA glue, rubber adhesive, acrylic colors, green plastic basket, artificial hedge panel, air dry modeling clay, thick thread.

Step 1: Stem of Banyan Tree

Lets start our project, i took green chart paper,it should be green because it hide in artificial hedge panel,draw a circle of 7 cm radius , cut it and leave it at side, now we are making stem which is basic and important for these kind of trees. First, i took a card board pipe, i took it from tissue roll, any how,i join them for suitable length,its depends to your choice, i took some backer rods of different sizes and paste them with the help of rubber adhesive on roll as per our picture,remember that,backer rods will long than roll from both sides because with this we will be made roots and tree branches,when we made stem ,its time to fixed it green chart paper circle,now other side i fixed it in pot with the help of air molding clay,so it fixed , it will take time for dry ,after drying i apply rubber adhesive into clay and fixed all backer rods as real roots,and cut all extra rods.Here is our first step of making stem of banyan tree .

Step 2: Color on Stem

Now we make stem like old look so i used some wire rings and past it on branches with the help of tissue paper and i paste some tissue paper and PVA glue on stem . Lets start color,its most important step of making tree, i used acrylic colors , first i apply gray color on tree stem,which i made white and black colors, after that i marked some black lines on stem horizontally ,which shows age of tree,when i complete gray color,than i start brown color on it for real look . Here is our stem ready for hanging roots,i sued thick brown and light brown thread and cover it with PVA glue, so i fixed it on stem as old hanging roots, lets go to our next step.......

Step 3: Top Part of Banyan Tree

you can use leaves of different types ,but i made it very easy , i bought artificial hedge panel form local market small leaves are better for huge looking,any how i took a green plastic basket and i cut some irregular shape (hole) in basket with the help of hot knife,i fixed some backer rod in holes and color them like real Banyan stem ,after that i made two fomic sheet pad and past it on the top ,now we can paste all artificial leaves (which i got from artificial hedge panel) on basket with the help of rubber adhesive,now our top is ready for fixing on stem .so i fixed it .Here is our banyan tree is ready for your room.

Step 4: Final Pictures

Some final pictures of our banyan tree,i think you may try it ,its material which i used are very cheap and also available in local market, and very easy to make.

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