Introduction: DIY Banyan Tree on Wall


Thermocol sheet,acrylic colors.

backer rod,artificial moss,

hedge panel,aluminium sheet ,


Step 1: Making of Base & Bricks

In this video i tried to make DIY banyan tree on wall.For this project i used 9 inches by 18 inches thermocol sheet. I used metal brush for the edges of the thermocol. All the sides of the thermocol sheet should be rough. Now take cardboard sheet and mark lines on it 3 cm by 1.5 cm . Cut all the lines like bricks . Apply PVA glue on sheet and paste all the bricks like i did.

Step 2: Coloring

After prepared the wall ,color it. i used dark,light brown & orange acrylic color. Color all the bricks one by one, then i used light & dark acrylic color for the sides of the wall. I tried to use grey color for the old look of wall . Now i used spa green color in the center of the bricks .Artificial moss used in between the bricks.wall is ready.

Step 3: The Roots & Stem of Banyan.

For the roots of banyan i used different sizes of backer rod .Join all the rods like i did .For the shaped of real roots i made marks on backer with the help of soldering iron. For the color i applied raw sienna on it .

Step 4: Making of Base

Take a piece of thermocol sheet & make the base of wall. Take grey color & cover the base. For main hole mark the size ,i drew design on aluminium sheet to make the main hole cover . I took rust brown color &apply on it.

Step 5: Making of Grill

I used wooden sticks & wire for it . Apply color on it & make it like old look . Fix it on the base.

Step 6: Finial Look

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