Introduction: DIY Almost Free Monster BBQ From Electric Water Heater

Hello everybody,

Welcome to a new adventure, "it's better when it's free," today we're going to transform an 200L electric water heater in barbecue.

It's my dream to make my own barbecue.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

What do we need ?

- An old 200 L electric water heater

- Rivet

- Hinges

- Handle

- Thermometer

- Whell

- Metal hooks

- Corner steel

- Heat resistant black paint

Step 2: Let's Cleaning

We begin by removed any insulating foam with crowbar.

After we sand the box to remove all the paint with a hand grinder.

it's a hard part but the result is awesome.

Do not throw the wall brackets as they will serve us later to reinforce the body.

Step 3: Let's Building 1

Once all the sand box clean, we first cut the old brackets and reinforcements.

Then cut the metal to create the central door.

Before cutting all the door, I drilled holes and rivet the hinges.

Same for the door handle, with large rivet.

And two metal hooks, to keep the door close.

Now we weld the door bracket from the inside to reinforce it.

Step 4: Let's Building 2

And now the feet.

The feet come from an old bedspring, so it's free.

We weld wall brackets to the body, it allows to switch from 3mm to 8mm thick to ensure the stability of the whole.

The feet are soldered and the assembly is fixed to the body with screws 10 mm thick.

The support grids is welded and riveted over the entire length, the grids are cut to measure.

An additional handle is added to the back and feet were added in large wheels to allow to move it easily.

Step 5: Let's Building 3

The chimney come from and old pipe, with this cutting it is possible to change the position of chimney or withdraw it.

An air inlet is created at the base with a grate and a plate for modulating the air inlet.

And finally time to put a heat resistant black paint.

Step 6: More to Do and Improvements


- Create a plate for modulating the smoke outlet

- Pass the barbecue vertically to make a pizza oven and a smokehouse

- Opening for emptying ashes

- Tablet on the side to put food

Step 7: You Smell That ?

You smell that? It smell goooood.

Remember, it's better when it's free ^^

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