Introduction: DIY Batman Keychain

A simple Batman Keychain made from aluminium


  1. Piece of Aluminium
  2. Hacksaw
  3. File & sandpaper
  4. Marker

Step 1: Marking

Here how I transfer the profile is simply by placing a clear transparent sheet on my mobile screen > mark > cut > transfer it to Aluminum piece. (Keeping a proper scale ratio).

Or you can simply sketch the Batman profile over the metal piece. Whatever you find easy.

Step 2: Cutting

If you have access to vice or any other power tools of workshop use it. (Take Proper Safety Precautions)

With the help of hacksaw firstly cut the major bottom portions leaving adequate stock for final profile, this will save you a tons of filing work.

Step 3: File Sand Finish

    Since Aluminum is a soft metal, it requires less effort.

    Using half-round file, file the stock parameters to the marked line.

    Head portion is the critical part, so be delicate with so.

      Drill a hole for linking purpose.

      Once done with filing, gear-up for sanding.

      Place a sandpaper on a flat table/surface and move the stock back and forth in a straight motion for better finish.

      Start with coarse grit sandpaper if needed. For finishing surfaces smoothly, use a super fine sandpaper.

        Finally make sure all corners as smooth and burr-free.

        Link it with key-ring.