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Hello everyone,
This instructable is about how to make a simple 'DIY Batsignal'. Who doesn’t like batman? He is one of the most favourite superheroes of all time.
From action figures to movies to games we all want every collectable items of batman.
We see many batsignal mini kits available in market, but we can make our own batsignal in just a few simple steps without any special material. And also it will make a desktop set up look amazing!
I have included many images in simple language so that it is easy to understand.


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Step 1: Components

Since we will make a simple batsignal components required are very ease and cheap to get in our home. Don’t worry about electronics stuffs there are easily available in any hardware store.

List of basic main components are as follows.

1.1 Plastic bottle- This is base of batsignal. Any white hollow bottle will do. Size of bottle depends on how big you want to make batsignal.

1.2 Stand- Stand will hold our plastic bottle fermly. You make make your own stand simply but to avoid more complexirty I used a old camera stand.

1.3 Leds and battery - Any bright leds will do. Battery can be a 3.3 to 9 volt providing a proper resister to avoid burning of leds.

1.4 Bat symbol- Batsymbol can be drawn on paper. Paint it black or directly cut black bat symbol.

Some of other item required are:

Marker, scissor, Black tape, connecting wires, Glue are some small item required.

Step 2: Design Plastic Bottle

2.1 Points to remember -

-Use black tape to design bottle to look like batsignal hood.

-You can design as per yours wish. Create as you want.

-See in picture black tape is just stick as a round to surface of plastic bottle

-Leave some gap in between because these black gap will glow in dark and will give amazing effect.

Step 3: LED Connection

Electronic circuit is very simple. In the circuit led, battery and resistor are connected in series. A switch is used to turn ON or OFF the led.

Note: Know many friends will have doubt that will batsignal will show projection?

Answer is yes you can make batsignal which show projection, but for that we have to just chance our front glass panel where symbol is present. As we are keeping this little toy in front of desktop or any other place it doesn't matter projection is present or not but glow will make setup awesome :)

Step 4: Bat Symbol

4.1 Making batsymbol isn’t difficult task you can directly paste sticker of batsymbol or you can draw easily.

4.2 While making symbol take a reference of bat.

4.3 Using free hand design there are chances that bat is not symmetric, to make bat look symmetric just hold paper half and only draw half bat picture and cut it. It will automatically symmetric.

Step 5: Different Proto and Assembly

5.1 These are initial proto of Batsignal.

5.2 Initially I just use hollow cylinder and plastic wrap round around it.

5.3 Working on different proto we can adjust and remold our final look of Batsignal.

Step 6: Set-Up

6.1 After everything is done just place your batsignal and turn on led

Step 7: Place and Call Batman

Step 8: In the End

I tried extremely hard to make this Instructable as simple as possible with images

Hope you will find it useful :)

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Thanks alot and Cheers!!

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