Introduction: DIY Battery for RC - Best Value 2019

I realize that RC toys have one thing in common: their batteries are low capacity and not very good. You were wondering if you would upgrade your RC toy batteries to 3 times or more. Please see my instructions. You will upgrade your battery to a higher capacity with very low cost and extremely easy implementation. Good luck.

Step 1: Parts

The most important part of the accessory is the battery. I chose the 21700 battery because it has a large capacity and the size is quite similar to the 18650 battery. In this tutorial I use the 21700 battery of lishen. The Samsung 40T battery is also a great option but its price is more expensive. I didn't find my favorite batteries on Banggood or Gearbest for you. I think the following batteries on Banggood and Gearbest are suitable.




Other accessories such as jacks, wires. The connector I just took is for example it may be different in your case choose the appropriate type.

1. Silicone Wire

2. Silicone Wire Balance Extension Cable

3. 560Pcs Heat Shrink Wire

4. PVC Heat Shrink Tubing

5. T Plug with 14AWG Soft Silicone Wire

Some accessories such as soldering iron, soldering tin, spot welding machine ... if you have not, please see my previous posts.

Step 2: Let's Get Started

1. We will create 1 2S battery as attached image. I use spot welding machine to make work easier. If not you can use iron soldering iron.

2. Compare the new and the old jacks for welding properly. Wrong welding may lead to damage.

3. After welding, use the PVC Heat Shrink Tubing to wrap your 2S battery. Hair dryer will help your work easily and quickly.

4. It will take you about 30 minutes to have a battery with a much larger capacity. Good luck. Thank you for reading.